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Solution Consulting Service

Efficient DAMA is independent of signaling and service carrier, which can share resources in the DAMA pool dynamically. It greatly reduces the bandwidth needed by the main station to the service carrier and the number of transmission ports of the main station. It is efficient and low-cost. It is especially suitable for large-scale hierarchical networking mode and conforms to the organizational structure of hierarchical management.

System Upgrade Service

Scenario 1: High Value Customers, Customer Units Deploy Customs Stations, Business Settled in Customer Units
Scenario 2: Users rent gateway stations, business landed at Weitong gateway stations, and docked with user networks via ground optical fibers

Special Maintenance Service

Through daily patrol inspection, fault warning, accident feature prevention, emergency repair and complaint handling of base stations and various supporting equipment, the normal operation of mobile network equipment is ensured, communication safety is ensured, network indicators and user perception are improved.

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